General Volunteer Opportunities

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Adult Volunteer Opportunities

Position: MORP Chaperone

Time Commitment: 4 hour event in April

Description: MORP is prom spelled backward! MORP is a drug and alcohol-fee post-prom party for all Portage County students, grades 9 through 12. MORP is a healthy alternative to risky behaviors that sometimes take place after prom.

Students typically bowl, enjoy music, eat and receive door prizes. The event is from midnight to 4:00 a.m. Volunteers are needed to set up, clean up and chaperone the event.

Position: Committee Member

Time Commitment: 1 hour meeting per month and projects resulting from committee meetings

Description: Portage County Alliance for Youth has 4 standing committees that meet regularly and execute projects for the youth of Portage County . The committees are:

  • AODA
  • Funding
  • Fun, Risk Free Activities

All committees work toward the overall mission of Portage County Alliance for Youth by:

  • Compiling yearly plans of work and submitting to the board for approval
  • Submitting yearly budgets to the president and the funding committee
  • Identifying and tracking external trends in the committee’s specific area of work
  • Addressing issues that have resulted from board action
  • Preparing and presenting to the board written reports related to the work of the committee
  • Promoting the work of the committee and Portage County Alliance for Youth

    Position: Board Member

    Time Commitment: Approximately 5 hours per month

Description: Board members of Portage County Alliance for Youth are expected to attend monthly meetings and:

  • Participate and show specific commitment to board activities
  • Be well-informed and prepared for meetings
  • Educate themselves of the needs and trends regarding youth in Portage County
  • Contribute skills, knowledge and experience when appropriate
  • Listen respectfully to other viewpoints
  • Develop and approve policies and procedures for Portage County Alliance for Youth
  • Monitor the finances of the organization
  • Monitor the projects and the performance of the organization
  • Maintain, update, and monitor the strategic plan
  • Participate in at least one committee of the organization
  • Represent Portage County Alliance for Youth in the community